Sample Case Descriptions

Patent Infringement Case regarding Automatically Self-Adjusting Audio Equipment
Owner of several patents for automatically self-adjusting audio systems was suing a manufacturer of audio systems for infringing on those patents. After a cursory reading of the patents in question, advised retaining attorney (for the defense) that the adaptation algorithms which are the basis of the invention and patents were published in engineering text books more than a decade earlier than the patents. Defense attorney advised plaintiff's attorney of this opinion and plaintiff immediately dropped the suit.

Fatal Collision between a Police Vehicle and a Civilian Vehicle
A police officer on a high-speed chase ran a red light and crashed into a vehicle in an intersection under control of an emergency vehicle preemption system. A review of preemption system and traffic light controller event logs and manuals, Department of Transportation regulations, police reports, witness depositions, videos and photos. Submitted an expert report and was deposed regarding the extent of the role played in the collision by the preemption system, the traffic controller and their programming.

Person Injured by Hot Cleaning Solution When Pressure Sensor Was Removed from Tank
A maintenance person in a bottling plant removed the pressure sensor from a tank containing hot cleaning solution, and was seriously scalded. Investigated documentation for the sensor and other production line equipment to determine if the pressure sensor itself contributed to the cause of the injury.

Person Injured by Electrical Shock in Bathroom of Rented Beach Unit
Renter of a beach condominium felt a slight shock when using a plugged-in electric razor. Continued shaving after disconnecting razor from charger, then took a shower. After showering the renter touched a metal shower rack and was knocked unconscious by an electrical shock. The razor and its charger were examined and tested for possible defects which might have caused the power fault. Local regulations were researched to see if there are rules superseding the NEC grandfather clause with respect to Ground Fault Circuit Interrupts in existing properties, which are offered for rent to the public.

Person Injured by Remote Control Model Drone
An owner was using their remote control model quadcopter (drone) for the first time. It descended and collided with a bystander. The owner believed that there was a malfunction. A review of owner’s manual and user guide, photos and diagrams of the scene, communications, police report, and a forensic investigation of the quadcopter to determine if there was a malfunction were requested.

Business Sale/Purchase Dispute over Semiconductor Test Equipment Manufacturing Capability
A semiconductor test equipment company was sold by its owners to a buyer in several stages. Unknown to the buyer the latest flagship product of the company was being rejected by customers for not performing to specifications. The buying company refused to continue with the second and subsequent stages of purchase. The selling company sued the buyer for not complying with the agreement, and the buyer counter-sued for fraudulent deception. Reviewed specification documents regarding the test equipment product, the due diligence reports, e-mail chains regarding product quality, field returns and repairs. Filed an expert report and was deposed regarding semiconductor testing procedures, the equipment used for testing, and the importance of the product specifications in question.

Dispute over Product Requirements, Specifications, and Quality for Video Screens
A distributor of video screens purchased a large lot of video screens from another distributor. The end-buyer of the video screens required that they have a wide viewing angle. A wide viewing angle was specified for the make and model of the video screens which were purchased. The purchasing distributor claimed that many units within the lot did not have the specified wide viewing angle. Tested, measured and demonstrated viewing angle of multiple video screens during trial.

Patent Infringement Case Regarding Geo-Location of Mobile Phone Devices
Patent owner plaintiff of geo-location circuitry and method claims that a later patent for geo-location is in error, and that the defendant patent owner’s product infringes. Reviewed patents and literature. Case is on hold.

Wirelessly-Remote-Controlled Drilling Equipment Tragic Failure
Remote controlled drill bit punctured a high pressure gas line, causing a fatal explosion. Visited the site and tested to validate the calibration of the drill bit to see if it met its accuracy specifications.

Patent Review and Analysis
From time to time, on contract with a patent consulting agency, I examine and answer questionnaires about integrated circuit patents.

Electronic Toll Collection and Traffic Control Lane Accident Investigation
A passenger on a motorcycle was struck and injured by the gate of an electronic toll collection traffic control lane. The toll collection transponder was tested on the scene at the time of the incident and found to operate normally. Reviewed documents regarding electronic toll collection and control lane hardware and procedures. Investigated state of control lane’s safety devices. Reported on probable cause of the accident.

Home Electrical Fire Investigation
A home fire broke out during the night after an external HVAC unit was replaced. Burn marks on the wall pointed to the manual circuit breaker switch for the HVAC which had not been replaced. The manual circuit breaker had been exercised multiple times while the HVAC unit was replaced. No problem seen while cycling it for the air conditioning function. The temperature dropped that night and the heating function turned on, drawing significantly more current. Arcing occurred over the corroded terminals, causing the fire.

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